LARCENY GAMES: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI

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 Sports and gambling are two of America’s favorite pastimes. When combined they create a volatile cocktail. Larceny Games provides the intimate details of those who have thrown games for the benefit of gamblers—and why the sports leagues have covered-up these incidents. This includes Hall of Fame players from the NFL, NBA, and MLB as well as some of the most famous boxers the world has known.

Based in part on over 400 previously unreleased FBI files, this book reveals more dirt on professional sports within its pages than ESPN has broadcast throughout the entirety of its existence.

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Published by Feral House


THE FIX IS IN: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & NASCAR

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The book delves deeper into the dark underbelly professional sports than this website on every level. Covering everything from greedy owners, coddled players, drinking, drugs, criminals, steroids, and for the first time ever in any book, a complete list of all the known fixed games and incidents of gambling in the history of professional sports.

The Fix Is In sheds light on the cozy arrangements between the television networks and all of the major sports leagues. It will prove to you that professional sports are nothing but a spotlight-craving, show business industry and its owners are more concerned with turning a profit than winning championships. It details what's been fixed, how it was done, and most importantly - why.

Covering the long lost RAND Report about MLB fixing its own World Series, the NBA's routine game tanking, NASCAR's legend of The Call, how Wayne Gretzky's trade was orchestrated to revamp the NHL, the untold secrets of the past 15 Super Bowls, and more! Get ready to discover the truth as no other sports writer would dare write this!

Published by Feral House

"The most courageous and incendiary publisher in the U.S."

High Praise for The Fix Is In

"With The Fix Is In, Tuohy makes a compelling, fact-based argument that not everything in the sports world is as it seems - that behind the visceral thrills and feel-good hype lies a potentially dark underworld of profit motives, conflicting interests and possibly rigged competitions, in which nothing occurs by happy accident" - Patrick Hruby,'s Page 2

"Tuohy argues his case forcefully...Even if there are no shades of gray in [his] perspective, he certainly finds enough blackness in misconduct and even Mob-controlled criminality...the smoke is so thick that the fires must be numerous and spread across the entire playing field of professional sports." - Dave Luhrssen, Milwaukee's The Shepherd Express.  Read his complete review here.

"Tuohy does make...sensible points about sports as an entertainment business, eager to maximize profits at whatever cost." - Mark Yost, The Wall Street Journal.  Read his complete review here.

"Consistent throughout his thesis, Tuohy sheds light on controversies routinely swept under management desks." - William Meiners, Demo Magazine.  Read his entire review here.

"A cautionary tale for our times." - Simon Redfern, The Independent in the United Kingdom. Read his entire review here.

"Brian Tuohy pens a book that is must read material for anyone who has a passion for the games, the players, the issues and items, of the high stakes world of professional and collegiate sports. This book is riveting, and it makes a person seriously contemplate what is real versus what might be choreographed. After reading The Fix Is In, I came away thinking that the rabbit hole within the sporting world might be far deeper than I had ever previously imagined." - Dino Costa, host of The Dino Costa Show on Mad Dog Sports Radio SiriusXM

"This book is a clear eye-opener. Author Brian Tuohy peels back the Astroturf to show readers how pro sports have manipulated and hooked fans...'The Fix Is In' shouldn't be missed." - Terri Schlichenmeyer, The Bookworm Sez.  Read her entire review here.

"The best sports book I've ever read." - Erskine, Erskine Overnight